Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Kitchen affected by fire damage that has been cleared

Cleaning the Area

After Fire Damage

Our team at SERVPRO of Lafayette/Louisville are trained to restore and remediate after fire damage. We clear the affected area and sanitize your home. Along with sanitization, our team will take the time to repair any belongings that are salvageable. We also keep your belongings in a safe place until we are finished restoring your home. 

No fire damage in the living room

Fire Damage?

We Restore

Sometimes when you experience fire damage, it does not affect your entire property. This home in Lafayette was damaged, but the living room was untouched by the flames. Our team still assesses the entire property to ensure full restoration. 

Furniture stacked up and out of the affected area

Moving Furniture After Damage

We're Here to Help

After fire damage, and the property has been ensured as safe to enter, it is important to move undamaged furniture and materials. Separating the damage from the not damage will help speed up the restoration process.

SERVPRO employee with a thermal fogger.

Thermal Fogging

Here we have one of our employees using a thermal fogger to deodorize this space. Thermal fogging uses heat to convert liquid into a fog of extremely small droplets. That fog is able to penetrate much like the smoke from a fire to deodorize. This is an important step to take before starting our fire damage restoration process

Soot stained walls in a public bathroom.

We were able to restore this public restroom in no time!

A fire broke out in this public restroom. The walls, floors, and contents inside were all damaged. Our team was able to restore this bathroom back to its normal state. Give us a call today for your fire restoration needs! 

Fire Damage In Lafayette

SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville understands how destructive fire and smoke damage can be. Our team of highly trained fire restoration technicians will use specialized equipment to remove soot and smoke from your walls and ceilings. Our technicians will restore your property to pre-damage condition. We are available 24/7, and we will make it “Like it never even happened.”

Boulder Fire in a Garage

The fire damaged some items in this Boulder garage. By calling in SERVPRO, cleanup of the burnt items and the deodorizing of the affected area help mitigate secondary damages to other sections of the building.

Boulder House Fire

This Photo shows the devastation caused by a carelessly ignored dinner cooking in this Boulder home. The Cleanup is an essential segment of the fire damage restoration service provided by our SERVPRO crews. Safe demolition and disposal of the charred elements are key to a professional service.

Louisville Fire and Heat Damage

The heat and smoke from this fire in a Louisville house resulted in stains on the walls and ceilings. The nail heads heated and popped through the tape and plaster job as seen in the photo. The insurance company okayed for a demolition and replacement since the drywall panels were no longer safely attached to the framing studs.

Boulder Burning in a Bedroom

The fire damage to this room in Boulder caused salvageable damage to the furniture. Our technicians wiped down the hard surfaces before smoke settled into the finish. We also used a hydroxyl generator to purge the air of foul odors. "Like it never even happened."

Fire Damage in the Living Area of a Lafayette Home

The fire started in the kitchen and quickly damaged structural materials. When allowed to enter the home, we initiated a demolition to clean up the interior prior to starting the fire damage restoration service. Our SERVPRO technicians set up ozone machines and foggers to reclaim acceptable levels of indoor air quality. Deodorizing the affected areas completed the initial phase of our fire damage restoration service in this Lafayette home.

Lafayette Fire Damage Ruins a Garage and a Car

The fire in this Lafayette home left behind devastation. Our SERVPRO Fire & Smoke Restoration Technicians' first step was to complete the inspection and assessment of the fire damage. We then disposed of the car, charred items, and non-salvageable building materials. After completing the demolition, we started the restoration process.