Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Water damage on hallway floor.

Afternoon Thunderstorms Have Nothing on SERVPRO!

Handling the Unexpected

Afternoon thunderstorms can come out of nowhere and leave quickly, but that doesn’t mean your home or business won’t take on some damage. Flash floods can be a problem the Boulder area with our afternoons storms, and you should know you aren’t alone in the water damage restoration process.

Give us a call at (303) 604-6607 if you experience storm or flood damage from those afternoon pop up thunderstorms!

flooded office

Leave The Mitigation To The Professionals

Call the Pro's

If there is any standing water remaining after a flood, you should always assume that it is contaminated water. Do not try to remove the water from your home or business yourself. Quickly contact SERVPRO of Lafayette/Louisville to assess the situation and take the appropriate action.

Dirt covered tile floor.

Dirt Everywhere

Did you know that we offer cleaning services? SERVPRO of Lafayette/Louisville provides ceiling, floor, and wall cleanings. In this case we were called in to clean up a basement floor that has suffered from some storm damage

Storm Damage – Louisville Home

Storm damage to this Louisville home occurred when stormwater cascaded into the lower level of the house causing significant water damage. The stormwater soaked the carpeting and wicked up the drywall. The flooring would need to be removed, and the drywall would need partially replaced.

Storm Damage – Lafayette Home

Storm damage at this Lafayette house resulted when a French door window was broken by flying debris during a storm. The broken window allowed a great deal of water to enter the interior of the house. SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville was called in to clean up the water.

Storm Damage – Louisville

Storm Damage in Louisville can sometimes be accompanied with power outages requiring SERVPRO of Lafayette / Louisville to provide their own power to run the restoration equipment. Pictured here is a trailer mounted portable generator which could be used when necessary.

Louisville Basement and Intense Flooding

The floodwaters from a storm covered over three inches of a concrete floor in this Louisville basement. The water wicked up and destroyed the walls, was left unchecked for several weeks, meaning mold growth had also contaminated the sub-level. The only option for our SERVPRO crew was a demolition of the building materials down to the framing. Our equipment is completing the drying.

Storm Damage – Louisville Shopping Center

Storm damage occurred at this Louisville shopping center damaging the roof of the building. Rainwater was allowed to enter the crawl space in the ceiling ruining many sections of the ceiling. The weight of the water was just too great for the ceiling to stay intact.

Mud and Storm Water in Louisville

After rushing groundwater entered into the basement of a home in Louisville the results are messy. The muddy debris, contaminated by septic tank elements, required careful removal to ensure that the structure was safe, as were our SERVPRO technicians. 

Louisville Shop Suffers Storm Damage

A sudden storm cell packing 60 mile an hour winds shattered a store front window in this Louisville shop. The flooring was dried out by SERVPRO team members and the water damaged products were discarded. We cleaned up the broken glass, boarded up the window, and disinfected the affected areas of the store.